Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm left with one question after Week One:

If you're showing me a game in HD, and the game you are about to show a highlight from is also available in HD, why don't I get to see the highlight in HD?

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

Last week: 11-5
Season: 11-5

Indianapolis at Tennessee:
The Titans won last week, even though they failed to show any proficiency throwing the football. I can't imagine this will continue, as not every opponent is going to let a team that can't throw the ball run for almost 300 yards.

The Colts are the Colts. Balanced enough on offense to keep you from keying on one guy, with an offensive line that pretty much keeps their QB clean all the time. Even though Vince and the Titans won over Indy last year, it's not going to happen again. They need to balance out that offense a little bit first.
The pick: Indianapolis

San Diego at New England:
Much has been made of the following:

1. The Chargers' post-game whining after last year's playoff loss, some of which spilled into this week;
2. The videotape that got New England in serious trouble with the league office this week.

The Patriots and their fans can talk all they want about the Chargers' whining, but the reality is that it's a non-factor. Outside of the fact that they probably won't be stupid enough to do it again this week, the videotape is a non-factor.

What is a factor? The Chargers took a long time to wake up offensively last week, and they almost paid for it. In fact, they would have paid for it if the Bears didn't appear to be offensively inept. That can't happen again.

New England benefited greatly from the "What the (bleep)? Let's just throw it up to Randy" offense, last seen in Minnesota a few years ago. There's nothing wrong with it, really; in fact, it's fun. However, anyone who saw the Vikings operating the "WTFLJTIUTR" offense knows it can disappear at random. The Patriots have to remember that they should exercise moderation with the "WTFLJTIUTR" offense to avoid burnout and predictability. Then again, predictability has never been a problem for this offense.
The pick: New England

Other games (Home team in CAPS)

PITTSBURGH over Buffalo
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND
Green Bay over N.Y. GIANTS
CAROLINA over Houston
New Orleans over TAMPA BAY
San Francisco over ST. LOUIS
Dallas over MIAMI
DETROIT over Minnesota
Seattle over ARIZONA
CHICAGO over Kansas City
BALTIMORE over N.Y. Jets
DENVER over Oakland
PHILADELPHIA over Washington

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