Thursday, September 27, 2007


You'll have to excuse the mess. I don't have time to explain my thinking on these picks, so it's going to be rapid fire this week.

Get excited. We get Erin Andrews (and whoever else ESPN sends) on the blue turf in HD tonight. Of course, this would all be better if Erin Andrews had eaten anything over the summer.

(Side note: When will these "famous" women realize that they don't have to be so ridiculously skinny for men to think they're hot? Some men actually like women with curves, and while I've never thought much of her, I thought it was stupid that people were calling Britney Spears "fat" after her MTV "performance". She had much bigger problems than a perception that she was fat when she was absolutely not.)

(Great. Now I've ranted about women and wasted even more time. I'M ON A SCHEDULE, HERE!)

NFL picks either late tomorrow afternoon/evening or early Saturday. Please stay tuned. And don't forget those hockey games from London this weekend. I don't want to be the only one watching hoping to see Chris Pronger get destroyed by the great Anze Kopitar.

On to the picks, where things weren't so hot last week. I blame Anthony Morelli, Houston Nutt's defense, and Alabama. The whole state.

Last week: 9-4
Season: 61-13

Home team in CAPS
West Virginia over SOUTH FLORIDA (Friday)
Purdue over NOTRE DAME
Michigan over NORTHWESTERN
ILLINOIS over Penn State
IOWA over Indiana
WISCONSIN over Michigan State
Ohio State over MINNESOTA
Clemson over GEORGIA TECH
OREGON over California
FLORIDA STATE over Alabama
Southern Cal over WASHINGTON
FLORIDA over Auburn

Mid-Major Game of the Week
Last week: 1-0
Season: 3-0

BOISE STATE over Southern Mississippi (Thursday)

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