Tuesday, March 01, 2011

WCHA Awards and Honors: Your Turn

This is the final week of regular season play in the WCHA. That means media and coaches around the league will receive ballots for the postseason league awards and honors.

Annually, we vote on the league's player of the year, coach of the year, rookie of the year, and all-league teams. I spent a few hours putting together some working lists of candidates while I was in Colorado last week, and I will be filling out a ballot during the day Saturday.

With 12 teams now in the league, there are some insanely difficult decisions all over the place, most notably -- in my opinion -- in goal.

Consider this post as your opportunity to chime in with your thoughts on the league awards.

These unscientific polls are being done just for fun, but I'd love to hear what you have to say about the awards. Cast votes on all the polls I'm leaving here, comment on the post if you'd like to chime in, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter (twitter.com/bruceciskie) if you want to make a case for your favorite player or coach.

To remove any inkling of bias, all the polls are posted with names in alphabetical order.

Who is the WCHA Player of the Year
Jack Connolly, F, UMD
Mike Connolly, F, UMD
Justin Fontaine, F, UMD
Matt Frattin, F, North Dakota
Justin Schultz, D, Wisconsin
Drew Shore, F, Denver

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Who is the WCHA Rookie of the Year
Sam Brittain, G, Denver
J.T. Brown, F, UMD
Justin Faulk, D, UMD
David Makowski, D, Denver
Jaden Schwartz, F, Colorado College
Jason Zucker, F, Denver
Mark Zengerle, F, Wisconsin

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Who should be the All-WCHA First Team goalie?
Dan Bakala, Bemidji State
Sam Brittain, Denver
Aaron Dell, North Dakota
John Faulkner, Nebraska-Omaha
Scott Gudmandson, Wisconsin
Kent Patterson, Minnesota

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Who should be the All-WCHA First Team defensemen?
Kurt Davis, Minnesota State
Matt Donovan, Denver
Justin Faulk, UMD
Jake Gardiner, Wisconsin
Chay Genoway, North Dakota
Gabe Guentzel, Colorado College
Justin Schultz, Wisconsin

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Anonymous said...

I love how people are voting for Genoway. He is a China doll that keeps getting hurt.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I don't like your polls, Bruce!

You should try PollDaddy instead. It doesn't take you to a separate window.

Anonymous said...

On the Player of the Year poll, I would have liked more representation. I think each team gets one nominee right? If so, who would you put down as UMD's nominee?

Bruce Ciskie said...

I don't believe every team will nominate a player for the award. Not only that, but voters can cast a vote for anyone they want, not just the nominated players.

And if you don't think all three UMD players I listed will get votes, you're probably wrong.

vizoroo said...

Since Jaden Schwartz was injured, it is not even close. Zucker for Freshman of the Year!

Dirty said...

I love how people have to post anonymously because they know if they use their real name, I'll hunt them down and throw rotten eggs at them. No one is allowed to speak ill of Chay!!!

Roy said...

Sheesh, who came up with this slate of candidates for each of these "polls"?

John Faulkner leads the NATION in shut-outs and he's not even a factor in the voting?

Are you kidding me?

Bruce Ciskie said...


I don't know what you want me to do about that. Faulkner is a good goalie, but he's not going to win any awards because of one statistic, especially when that stat isn't save percentage.