Saturday, March 26, 2011

Game 40: UMD vs. Yale (NCAA East Regional Championship)

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Friday's win didn't buy UMD a lot more season. Just 24 hours.

Win this game, and the season extends two weeks.

Yale is the opponent, which brings to mind the obvious joke.

The Bulldogs are going to the Frozen Four.

Which ones?



Connolly (Mike) - Connolly (Jack) - Fontaine
Schmidt - Oleksuk - Brown
Seidel - Hendrickson - Basaraba
Flaherty - Tardy - Grun

Faulk - Montgomery
Bergman - Lamb
Olson - Palm

Reiter - Crandall

Agostino - Bourbonais - Ziegler
Cahill - Miller - O'Neill
Laganiere - Mason - Brockett
Kearney - Limbert - Little

Trentowski - Jaskowiakk
Dueck - Peel
Matczak - Martin

Rondeau - Maricic - Malcolm

(NOTE: Maricic is listed first on the line chart, but he was Friday, too, and Rondeau started. We're assuming Rondeau will start again.)

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