Monday, March 28, 2011

No, I Don't Have Extra Tickets

For the record, we could be more excited to see UMD in the Frozen Four for the first time in seven years.

It's awesome.

However, no matter how excited I am, or how connected you all may perceive me to be, there's one thing I am no help with.


My wife and son have acquired a pair of Frozen Four tickets the old-fashioned way.


Outside of that, and perhaps a visit to StubHub (or, if you're feeling lucky, Craigslist), I am useless. I have no extras, and I will be getting no extras.

I do have this information from UMD. It will be of great assistance to you ... if you are a season-ticket holder.

As a participating school UMD has a limited number of tournament packages to sell. Tournament packages are $195/EACH (plus $5 per order mail fee) and contain two tickets – one ticket for Thursday’s games (no re-entry) and one ticket for Saturday’s championship game.  No single day tickets are available for sale.

Due to an overwhelming response the UMD Ticket Office will be taking names of season ticket holders ONLY to be placed on a waiting list for tickets. Call or e-mail the ticket office with your name (as it appears on your season account), the number of tickets you need (as many as you own season tickets - up to 4 packages maximum) and your daytime phone number - you will be called in the next few days ONLY if tickets are available to you.  Tickets will be granted in Priority Points order. If you receive tickets you will be called and asked for your credit card information and the tickets will be mailed to you. 

As for the remainder of UMD fans who are very excited, I'm afraid I can't assist you beyond these suggestions and bits of information.

North Dakota's presence makes this a very tough ticket, but it can be done, I believe. You just have to be willing to spend.

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