Saturday, November 07, 2009

NFL Week 9: On the Road

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- There is such a proliferation of bad teams that it's kind of sick. We know this.

What's even scarier is that there is a crop of teams that have yet to prove what they are. Are they good? Do they stink? Will they be 8-8? Why aren't they better?

These are teams like Arizona, Carolina, San Francisco, Green Bay, Baltimore, San Diego, and the Giants. We know they should be pretty good, but they have had flashes of incredible inepitude that prevent us from making a true evaluation.

Will get any further in figuring them out this weekend?

Probably not.

As always, home team in CAPS.

Green Bay over TAMPA BAY
ATLANTA over Washington
CHICAGO over Arizona
CINCINNATI over Baltimore
NEW ENGLAND over Miami
JACKSONVILLE over Kansas City
SEATTLE over Detroit
NEW ORLEANS over Carolina
N.Y. GIANTS over Philadelphia
SAN FRANCISCO over Tennessee
Pittsburgh over DENVER

Last week: 6-7
Season: 60-29

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