Saturday, February 02, 2008


Our friend Kevin Pates says UMD defenseman Jason Garrison is likely out for the season with a broken leg. Just spoke with head coach Scott Sandelin, who would only confirm that he's likely out for a while, and that he would be re-evaluated after the team returned to Duluth.

In short: This sucks. It was the ultimate in unfortunate situations, as it appeared Garrison lost an edge just before being hit from behind. The Wisconsin player who hit him, Patrick Johnson, had no shot of slowing up and jumped to try to avoid major contact. What he did probably didn't help the situation, but there's really no way of knowing what exactly caused Garrison's injury.

No one is dumb enough to suggest Johnson tried to hurt Garrison, though what he did has been a penalty in college hockey ever since the infamous Paukovich/Bina Final Five incident, and it's terribly frustrating to report that nothing was called on the play.

Oh, well. We'll get 'em tonight.


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