Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ochocinco Tweeting During Games?

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco (nee Johnson) is known for his flamboyance. He likes to have fun, and he enjoys the attention his eccentric behavior brings him.

Just this offseason, Ochocinco has claimed he didn't lift any weights last year, predicted a huge season for him and his team, and threatened to live with quarterback Carson Palmer's family in Ohio.

(Keyword: "threatened". Palmer's got a wife and kids. Imagine the looks on the wife's face when she saw that story.)

Recently, Ochocinco decided he would take his use of the social networking site Twitter to another level, by submitting posts -- or "tweets" -- during Bengals games.

The NFL may, however, have a problem with that idea.

Seems the league has a rule banning the use of mobile phones or any other kind of hand-held device on the sideline during games. For once, they're actually a step ahead of Ochocinco's antics.

Since Tweeting during a game would require the use of a hand-held device on the sideline, Ochocinco is going to risk a fine by using the networking tool while trying to catch Palmer's passes and help his team win.

While he has never been one to let rules get in the way of what he wants to do, one has to think Ochocinco isn't going to try Tweeting more than once. With how many times he's been fined for celebrations, the league will certainly be watching him closely, given his latest "threat".

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