Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More on Brett Favre; Or 'Moron Favre'

I rarely double-post on the same topic, but I got a couple of emails from people asking me about the latest Brett Favre news. They want to know my take.

As if that's changed at all.

In case you aren't aware, Favre told the Associated Press that he'll have an answer to the Minnesota Vikings by July 30 ... the day before the first training camp practice.

What a guy.

The hell with the other 79 guys who are going to show up. The hell with the quarterbacks, who worked their asses off in minicamps and OTAs, learning the offense and trying to get better. The hell with the wide receivers who took that time to build rapport with the quarterbacks who gave a crap enough to show up. The hell with anyone but Brett Favre.

In defense of Favre a bit, he's not the one primarily responsible for any of this. After all, he just loves the game and wants to play football (sorry, but Peter King invaded my hands for a few seconds). This whole mess falls on the Vikings, specifically Brad Childress, the front office, and ownership.

(By the way, Favreophiles, and I know you're out there, I'd like you to answer a question. If Brett Favre just LOVES THE GAME, then why has he retired from it twice?)

These people have completely disregarded the locker room, and they have completely disregarded their fanbase. Instead of teasing fans with the thought of Favre, the truth was owed to them from the start. Naturally, the Vikings' reaction was to put this all on Favre, as if they had no control whatsoever over whether the guy showed up for Vikings training camp.

Surely, the Vikings could grow a set, tell Favre to get lost, and he'd wander onto the field in Mankato, anyway. Riiiight.

The Vikings have no interest in stopping this circus. It's in their best interest from a business standpoint to keep getting the attention, and it's in their head coach's best interest because he's on the hot seat.

For Brad Childress, an effective Brett Favre is the difference between a contract extension and walking the Wilf Plank. He's convinced himself that Favre can step in, be motivated and consistent, and lead the Vikings to heights unseen in many, many years.

No one knows if Childress is right, but Favre's recent play (84 picks in four years) indicates Childress is probably on the wrong side of right.

And, no, Favre isn't being brought in to hand the ball to Adrian Peterson. Until he proves he can be a consistent threat with his arm, he'll be treated like Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte were. Even once he shows something, he's bound to do something stupid on one of the 15 times he's asked to throw the football.

Packer fans are Packer fans. Our allegiance is to the Green Bay Packers, and not some old fart with an insanely over-inflated ego that used to play for the Green Bay Packers. If Favre thinks he can limp into Lambeau Field and get anything better than a mixed reaction from the 70,000 on hand, he's nuts.

If he ever wants to hear unanimous applause from Packer fans, he'll have to remove the Ginsu from their backs. I won't hold my breath.

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