Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Your Tickets Now, Viking Fans

The Minnesota Vikings are eagerly awaiting the arrival of quarterback Brett Favre.

Frankly, it's not even a secret anymore, and the only shock will be if it doesn't end up happening.

In honor of this awesome occasion, the Vikings put single-game tickets for six of their eight regular-season home dates on sale Monday. While the Vikings sell a good chunk of season tickets every year, they do cap those sales so as to have some single-game tickets to sell to fans.

With Favre coming, as Pro Football Talk noted Monday afternoon, you'd think sales would have been quick and painless for the Vikings.


Instead, Mike Florio says, there are still plenty of seats up for grabs for the six games the Vikings started selling Monday.

(The home dates with Chicago and Green Bay are not available in single-game sales ... yet. Surely, they will be very soon.)

Viking fans I've talked to (admittedly a very small sample) are split on Favre. While there is some excitement, and a greater opportunity to needle Packer fans, they're also apprehensive. They know that Favre's last four years haven't been that great (84 regular-season picks in 64 starts), but they also know that he's Brett Favre. Anything can happen.

Apparently, that "anything" isn't immediately translating to ticket sales. Perhaps Viking fans are waiting until the notoriously flighty Favre makes up his mind.

Hard to argue with them on that philosophy.

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