Thursday, July 09, 2009

Favre Mania in Twin Cities

At this point, the fine towns of Minneapolis and St. Paul would probably be inclined to throw the guy a ticker-tape parade the day he shows up.

For the time being, however, they choose to fellate Brett Favre through the media.

By reporting on him practically every day.

Here's the latest. Bear in mind that this comes from Charley Walters, who would probably be lucky to hit .500 on his "scoops". If true, it shows just how much of an idiot Brad Childress really is.
Latest word is that 40 percent of the Vikings' playbook is being customized for the pending signing of quarterback Brett Favre.
You read that right, fans. The Minnesota Vikings are catering to a 40-year-old, noodle-armed quarterback who has thrown 84 interceptions over the last four seasons.

(Of course, since the Vikings playbook consists of "Run AP left", "Run AP up the middle", "Run AP right", "throw long", and "punt", they're only customizing two plays. That's not a big deal, I guess.)

Good luck with that, Purple People.

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