Friday, October 23, 2009

Game 5: UMD at St. Cloud State

ST. CLOUD, Minn. -- On the road again ...

It's actually good to get away from home for a change. What stinks is that the first roadtrip has to be here, where UMD is just 1-8 in their last nine tries. Hopefully, a quicker and possibly more-skilled Bulldog team will fare better than the ones who have not succeeded here recently.

Maybe it's good to get this out of the way, eh?

Outside of the pond hockey-esque ice sheet here, there isn't a ton for me to talk about. It's a loud building in every way, from the goal horn to the P.A. guy to the student section. However, the ice is made of the same stuff.

Want me to complain about something? There are two giant scoreboards, and neither are fully visible from my seat. It's not nearly as bad as that giant pole they have at John Glas Fieldhouse in Bemidji, right in front of the visiting radio spot.

My vote is that a visiting broadcaster be allowed to rap that thing with a sledgehammer before the last game there.

Anyway, on to tonight's lines.

Fulton - Connolly (Jack) - Fontaine
Danberg - Bordson - Connolly (Mike)
Schmidt - Akins - Flaherty
Hendrickson - DeLisle - Grun

Palm - Montgomery
Kishel - Lamb
Olson - Huttel

Hjelle - Reiter

Mosey - Roe - Lasch
Hanowski - LeBlanc - Festler
Christian - Marvin - Volpei
Peckskamp - Oslund - Ryan

Barta - Raboin
Gaudet - Hepp
Lauridsen - Johnson

Lee - Dunn - Hardy

For UMD, Dylan Olsen is out with a virus. Travis Oleksuk is still out with a leg and didn't make the trip. Wade Bergman will be spectating tonight.

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