Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favre Gives His Blessing

The day is drawing closer.

On Sunday, Packer fans have to choose between their team and the quarterback who ran himself out of town because he couldn't make up his mind (or maybe he wanted out all along).

For most of them, it's not really a difficult choice. After all, these people have been Packer fans forever, and they're not going to cheer for a guy on a rival team just because he's Brett Favre.

If you're still on the fence, trying to decide what to do, please understand that Favre understands. In fact, if you choose to cheer for the Packers, you are doing so with The Great One's blessing.

(Are you curious to see the fans' reaction?)

"I think that's probably more intriguing to everyone else. I think there'll be a mixture of both, understandably so, but as I've said before: 'What I've accomplished there and was a part of, you can't take that away.' You know, it's OK to pull for your team, I guess. But I can't make anyone cheer or boo or whatever.

Straight from the horse's ass -- er, mouth:

It's OK to pull for your team, I guess.

Good deal, Brett. I'll remember that on Sunday. I'm so grateful that the great Brett Favre has given me permission to cheer for the Packers, the team I've rooted for since I was shorter than my seven-year-old is now.

Without his blessing, I'm not sure I could go on.

Whatever, Brett. There will come a day after this season is over, when you're sitting on your tractor, or out on the golf course, or throwing footballs to teenagers, or whatever it is you do when you're not playing football. On this day, you're going to look back and wonder what you did to earn the scorn of so many people in Wisconsin, people who adored you for so many years.

Before all is forgiven (and this will happen, I promise), you're going to feel a tinge of regret over the incredibly dumb things you've said since you first decided to come back in 2008. When you think about those dumb things, "It's OK to pull for your team, I guess" is going to be at or near the top of the list.

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