Monday, October 19, 2009

BlogPoll: Oct. 21 Ballot (Draft)

1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 1
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Texas 1
5 Cincinnati 1
6 LSU 1
7 Boise State
9 Iowa 6
10 Oklahoma State 2
11 Georgia Tech 6
12 Oregon 1
13 Miami (Florida) 1
14 Kansas 4
15 Penn State 1
16 Virginia Tech 5
17 Pittsburgh 2
18 Ohio State 9
19 Mississippi 2
20 Brigham Young
21 West Virginia
22 Utah
23 Central Michigan
24 South Florida 4
25 Houston
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Nebraska (#18), South Carolina (#22), Notre Dame (#24), Missouri (#25).
  • Jumbled mess at the bottom. I'm confident that will sort itself out by bowl season. For now, there are five to seven interchangeable parts in that part of the poll.
  • Georgia Tech is the real deal? Wow, they looked good on Saturday. This is an offense that I never dreamed would look this sound in the ACC, but Paul Johnson is an amazing coach, and he has taught his athletes very well.
  • I swapped Alabama and Florida for now. I just think the Tide would be able to beat Florida on a neutral field. If they keep playing like this, they'll get their opportunity. Don't discount one of these teams losing at some point, though.
  • Frankly, I was completely underwhelmed by Texas. Just didn't look that good to me. I know USC almost blew it against Notre Dame, but the Trojans at least played three really impressive quarters in that game before they went to sleep. It seemed like Texas was sleepwalking for three quarters.
  • I just don't know what to make of Iowa. Finding a way to win counts for something, but they're not good enough to be a lock over any of their opponents. Anyone can beat them, because they just don't overwhelm you with anything. Fundamentally sound teams that take advantage of mistakes can be vulnerable if an opponent figures out how to avoid those costly mistakes.

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