Monday, May 19, 2008


A stupid blog rumor that Brewers manager Ned Yost would get fired Monday was nothing more than a stupid blog rumor.

We're stuck with him, I guess.

Along the way, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a very good baseball writer, made a questionable decision. He gave "Badger Blogger" a voice, and gave the stupid rumor legs that it didn't really have.

Haudricourt didn't really cause any damage by doing this, but he did (at least temporarily) make people think there was a chance Yost would get what he has coming to him for sucking at his job. No reason to do anything but yell sternly at Haudricourt for the tease.

I'll give him credit. He backed off in a hurry.

(GM Doug) Melvin was aware that a blogger had posted a supposed news scoop late Sunday night claiming he had a source that told him the Brewers were going to fire Yost today. And Melvin said any radio station or TV station or newspaper that responded to a blog site as a news source -- and that includes me because I did so today -- should seriously question themselves.

"I have too much respect for newspapers and news stations for them to respond to a blog for their news," said Melvin. "When they do so, they lose their credibility. I refuse to respond to blogs because anybody can put anything out there."

I agree with Melvin whole-heartedly, and it's one of the main problems I have with blogs and responding to blogs. Badger Blogger put it out there that Yost would be fired today and there was no validity to it. Melvin is in Nashville. Yost is in Pittsburgh. (Owner Mark) Attanasio is back home in LA. You don't fire your manager when all of the decision-makers are scattered across the country. You circle the wagons at times like that.

Shame on Badger Blogger -- and you can bet I'll never cite anything from that "source" again -- and shame on me for giving them their 15 minutes of fame.

Credit to Tom for calling himself out. It's something more reporters should be willing to do in such a frank fashion.

Yes, Badger Blogger is ultimately responsible for the stupid rumor. But Haudricourt is the one who really gave it legs.

In issuing a mea culpa of sorts, he may also have revealed a bigger part of the Brewers' current problem.

When told that some have construed (Ryan) Braun's comments as an indictment of manager Ned Yost and the preparedness of the team, Melvin said he didn't see it that way.

"He did say that the team is playing hard and trying hard," said Melvin. "Ryan's not saying (the team in unprepared).

"(Owner) Mark Attanasio and I sat six feet from Ned (at Fenway Park) and we saw him cheering and rooting on his palyers. He was on the top step, trying to get the guys going. When players don['t perform well, they will hang their heads at times. Ned was there to make sure that didn't happen.

"He doesn't sit back on the bench. He's a cheerleader, on the top step, showing them he's behind them."

Well, gollygeewillikers. Thanks, Ned. You're a helluva cheerleader.

Now, could you try managing the team?

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