Wednesday, May 28, 2008


They say you're supposed to wait three years before judging an NFL team's draft.

I've waited three years. The Vikings' 2005 draft was very, very, very bad.

First round, 7th overall - Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
I could tell a bunch of jokes about drops and such, but they're all old. Williamson was a terrible pick, and the Vikings missed a great opportunity to rebuild after the Randy Moss trade.

First round, 18th overall - Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
It's harder to blame this one on the Vikings. James was dealt to Washington this week after failing to pass his physical. Shoulder and knee injuries really sunk any chance James had to make an impact. You can't predict these types of things, so while it looks like an awful pick, I'll give Minnesota a mulligan.

Second round, 49th overall - Marcus Johnson, OL, Mississippi
Tough kid who has emerged as a decent player. Not a bad second-round pick.

Third round, 80th overall - Dustin Fox, DB, Ohio State

Fourth round, 112th overall - Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida
Didn't last long, and was hardly a serious contender for playing time in a Viking backfield that crowded quickly with the Taylor signing and Peterson pick.

Sixth round, 191st overall - CJ Mosley, DT, Missouri
Decent contribution as a rookie, but ended up with the Jets the last two years.

Seventh round, 219th overall - Adrian Ward, UTEP
I have no idea who this guy is.

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