Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Because Ned Yost hasn't been ripped enough lately.

The fun continues.

A non-sports blog reported that Yost would be fired on the off day after the team was swept in Boston, and this blog picked it up and later posted comments from general manager Doug Melvin, saying he would not respond to erroneous Internet reports about his manager losing his job.

Well, Yost did respond. And he was not happy, as evidence by his tone and choice of un-publishable words.

"It's not right," he said after settling down a bit.

"Blogs and the talk radio show guys, it's fun, but they don't have all the information. To sit back and criticize and talk about certain situations and they don't have all the information, now that's where it gets hard to listen or give it much credability."

Yost also said the Journal Sentinel should shoulder some blame for picking up the blog report.

"It's a joke," he continued. "There's no legitimacy there at all, and we put it on the Internet for everybody to see and raise havoc. It's a joke. It's not fair and it's not right."

Wow. We finally figured out a way to get Ned Yost to swear. Tom Haudricourt also got Ned to contradict himself. In the same meeting, he asked Ned about Ryan Braun's comments (the ones where basically said the manager is an idiot without saying it).
"I had no problems with what Ryan said," Yost said. "Everybody's got the right to say what they want."
Apparently, people who want Ned fired don't have this right. Just players who want to indirectly call him out in the media.

Don't you love double-standards?

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