Sunday, May 25, 2008


It never ends.

Despite pitching in his fourth inning over two days, (Guillermo) Mota said he was not fatigued.

"I'll pitch anytime they need me," Mota said. "I was out there trying to do my job. I feel strong. That's what I'm here for."

Yost added that the team was low on options, because the batting matchups prevented him from bringing in a left-handed specialist.

"We were looking at [Carlos] Villanueva in the next inning if we were still tied -- seeing if he could pitch a couple innings," Yost said.

Dmitri Young was up with a runner on after Mota walked a .100 or so hitter. Young's OPS against lefties has dwindled considerably in recent years, to the point where the Nationals don't let him do much against them.

Left-hander Brian Shouse was sitting in the bullpen.

With runners on first and third, Yost let Mota pitch to Felipe Lopez, even though he could have set up a force at each base with an intentional walk.

(Also worth noting: Lopez is pretty fast, and the odds of an inning-ending double play were low with him batting.)

Did I mention Mota was pitching his fourth inning over two days, and was pitching multiple innings in a day game after a night game?

Yost? Clueless. Again.

Brewers? Losers. Again.

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