Friday, May 09, 2008


We can only hope, right?

It's getting out of hand in Milwaukee. The issues with current manager Ned Yost are too many to document.

Among the major ones:
  • The Brewers' leadoff hitter is batting .188, with an OBP below .330. He's led off all but one game, even though his batting average hasn't topped .204 since April 13.
  • Outside of Ben Sheets, the Brewers don't have a starting pitcher capable of consistently going past the fifth inning. This particular fact isn't Yost's fault, but Yost is responsible for the fact that he continues to insist on trying to get his starters past the fifth inning, no matter how much trouble they're in.
  • The handling of the bullpen is somewhat questionable. Again. You want an example? How about the time right-handed Salomon Torres was left in the game to face a gaggle of left-handed hitters, even though left-hander Brian Shouse was standing in the bullpen, waiting for the call.
  • The hallmark of Ned's regime has been his ability to get his guys to play. It's the one area I've consistently praised him for, because not every coach is able to get his players going. Ned's had that ability. Until now. The Brewers were completely lifeless in the three games at Florida. They needed to get something going, and all they got were four runs in three games. Yes, Florida's pretty good, but the Brewers looked like a team trying to get their manager fired they'd rather be somewhere else.
This is a big three-game series in Milwaukee this weekend. The Cardinals are in first place, but the Brewers need a couple wins. At this point, there aren't many Yost supporters left in the fanbase. While you don't let the fans fire the coaches, it's a telling sign of a problem, considering that Yost's approval rating was probably in the 70s early last year.

For the good of the future in Milwaukee, Yost has to go. I have said it almost as long as anyone, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that the organization eventually recognizes what has to be done, and they make the move before it's too late. I'm not sure that Ted Simmons is the guy to lead this team to the playoffs. I just know Yost isn't.

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