Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sorry about the inaccurate picture. There are actually no clouds in the sky today. Sunny and 71 as I type. Good deal, methinks.

Hockey starts tomorrow. The World Series is here Saturday through (hopefully) Monday. The Packers are here Monday night. The Wild play the Avalanche Sunday. It's busy here.

On top of all that, it's homecoming for Denver as they host UMD this weekend. I'll be back with more later today and tomorrow.

The trip was nice and uneventful. No mechanical delays like last year, and no weather delays like the year before. No one lost their luggage, though a UMD player lost his wallet on the plane and had to run back from baggage claim to get it (I'll leave the name out). Don't worry. He got it back, and didn't miss the bus out of the airport.

I don't have media access to Coors Field, though I wish I did. Then again, after what the Red Sox did to Colorado last night, maybe I don't. I'm pretty sure the Sox were one run away from getting arrested last night. Ouch.

Hopefully, Colorado can bounce back. I don't say that as a Rockies fan or anything, but I really do hope this series is good.

More later. I have a few things to do right now. I'll post about the games, the Series, the Packers, football picks, and more in the next few days. I have to work on my tan for now.

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