Saturday, October 06, 2007


I'm not going too much in-depth here.

Finally, people are going to understand why Badger fans were skittish about this team from the start.

No "great" team trails in every game they play, especially when those games are against, among others, The Citadel and UNLV. No "great" team fails to stop the spread offense, no matter who is running it. No "great" team has a quarterback constantly trying to get his receivers killed (Luke Swan today, I hope Tyler Donovan's happy, since he finally got one).

Simply put, Wisconsin got what they deserved. So did Illinois, by the way. They deserved to win, and their fans deserve the solid program Ron Zook is building. They'll deservedly break into the Top 25, and hopefully this shell of a Badger team falls out. Their defense is Sun Belt-quality, and the offense makes too many mistakes to overcome that defense week in and week out.

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Nick Loucks said...

Yes, this edition of the Badgers has been somewhat disappointing so far this season... but consider this.

- The injury to Paul Hubbard was tougher to rebound from than initially expected.

- Someone has to step up and fill the void left by graduated defensive leaders. One Ike or Casillas fill that void, the "D" will become less Sieve-like.

Bottom line is they have time to fix these gaps before the biggies with OSU and Michigan for the Big Ten title.