Saturday, October 23, 2010

Game 6: Alaska-Anchorage at UMD

J.T. Brown is a hero 'round these parts. His overtime goal last night gave UMD a 3-2 win in a game they were just good enough to win.

Tonight, UMD aims to not be "just good enough," and instead be as good as they're capable of being. A fifth straight win is on the line as the Bulldogs battle a game Alaska-Anchorage team.



Connolly (Mike) - Connolly (Jack) - Fontaine
Schmidt - Oleksuk - Brown
DeLisle - Flaherty - Seidel
Olson - Hendrickson - Grun

Montgomery - Palm
Bergman - Lamb
Olsen - Faulk

Crandall - Reiter - Gaffy

Grant - Kwas - Wiles
Bruijsten - Bailey - Cameron
Haddad - Gellert - Pustin
Portwood - Parkinson - Crowell

Leinweber - Vidmar
Warner - Gorham
McLeod - Sproule

Kamal - Gunderson

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