Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 7 Ballot

Here goes nothing. Was on the road for hockey but still found time to watch some football.

A few notes on what you see here.
  • I know many will question South Carolina being behind Alabama. The Gamecocks simply aren't a team that will beat the Tide on a neutral field, no matter what you saw Saturday.
  • Give Michigan State a lot of credit. They're a well-coached team that deserves the start they're off to. There will be skeptics, because the Spartans don't play Ohio State, but they are a good bet to go 12-0 and give the BCS another headache.
  • It's hard to figure the SEC out at this point. LSU has the unbeaten record, but does anyone really think they're good enough to win the national title? Hell, I'm not sold they can beat Alabama, though you never know when Les Miles is feeling the love from Lady Luck.
  • Michigan is a bowl team, but no way is their defense good enough for anything significant.

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