Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brett Favre's Turn to Deny Obvious

For nearly a season and a half, Packer fans watched helplessly as Brett Favre helped the Vikings win games and put themselves in a position to win a championship.

There were, sure, a few gut punches along the way, including in the NFC Championship. However, Favre played great in 2009 and left little doubt -- despite his self-produced offseason drama -- that he would return in 2010.

Of course, that doesn't mean that his return was a good idea.

In fact, it seems like this has been the biggest mistake Favre's made since he hit "send" on his cell phone in 2008.

(Pause for laughter. Or groans. Or for you to click off this site.)

Favre has 14 turnovers, contributing (often directly) to 51 points for the opposition and a lot of pressure on his team's very-good defense. Favre's passer rating is 30th out of 33 quarterbacks currently with enough throws to qualify for the passing title.

That's 30th-best, by the way.

For head coach Brad Childress, who has prided himself on getting great solid very good decent mediocre play out of his quarterbacks during his time at Minnesota, this has to be eating him alive. He can't even get Favre to be an offensive caretaker, because the running game -- while led by a total stud in Adrian Peterson -- isn't good enough to be a one-dimensional offense.

With Favre possibly sidelined (chuckle) by a foot/ankle injury, there is so much speculation about his status for Sunday that you could probably get your fill of it while watching MSNBC. But while idiots like me continue to laugh at the notion that Favre won't play, there are some who think it's at least a possibility. NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert tweeted the following:

Will keep saying it. Childress, not foot, is Favre's biggest obstacle.

Seifert knows more than I do. In the end, I'm willing to take the word of those who cover the team on a regular basis over my hunches.

But this is freaking Brett Favre. He can't just sit, right?


There's acrimony between Favre and Childress. There are real issues in that relationship. As the kids say, it's complicated. Don't discount Childress' desire to put his stamp on this team and exhibit control over the players. He might not get along great with Favre, but he wants to win, and if he feels that a gimpy Favre doesn't give his team the best chance to win, he will bench the streak.

While it shouldn't be up to Favre, most people think it is. The right thing for him to do is sit.

And he can't wait to sit until the Vikings fall out of serious playoff contention. He is no longer his team's best chance to win, and it's too bad he fails to recognize it. I think Childress knows it, but he doesn't have the guts/political power necessary to make this decision.

Simply put: Unless Favre's left foot falls off before Sunday, or Favre himself decides that he can't go, Favre will start.

And while only time will tell if it's the right move, there doesn't appear to be much chance that it will end well for Favre.

Or Childress.

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UMDSandy said...

Your obsession with Favre is out of control. You really want to make love to him don't ya