Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chris Garner Auction Coming

We've told you in the past about the story of UMD men's hockey equipment manager Chris Garner. While his recovery from an August bone marrow transplant is going well, Garnzy faces a mountain of medical expenses, and it's time for us to help.

His friend Jeremiah Minkel, the equipment manager at St. Cloud State, and his girlfriend Kari have helped organize a benefit auction. They have secured over 150 items, more than half of which are hockey jerseys. Many NCAA Division I schools are represented, with a lot of them having more than one jersey in the auction. There are various sizes available, so if you are a big guy or a "normal size" person, you'll have a good choice of jersey to bid on.

Some of the jerseys -- including an awesome Michigan No. 9 Red Berenson jersey -- are signed.

There's also a slew of autographed sticks from around the NHL and AHL.

I hope you get a chance to check out the items and perhaps make a bid. The money certainly goes to a worthy cause.

You can check out the stuff here. Bidding opens Sunday morning, and closes Monday evening, Nov. 8.

More information can be picked up on the benefit's Facebook page.

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