Monday, October 18, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 8 Ballot

Maybe that No. 1 spot is like a grenade. Granted, I didn't have Ohio State No. 1 last week, but they were the consensus.

Now look at them.

In the end, there were some big changes. I dropped some name schools out of the poll, and now you look and see Mississippi State on the ballot. Gotta love the work Dan Mullen has done there in a short time. I doubt this can sustain, because the Bulldogs are next to hopeless against a good pass defense.

Some other notes:
  • I'm stubborn. Boise is No. 1 until someone gives me a compelling reason to bump them out. Oregon wasn't going to do that this week, given that they were on a bye.
  • I misread the Ohio State-Wisconsin game, and while it's easy to rip the Buckeyes for a lackluster performance, the Badgers need to get some credit here. They put tOSU on their heels early, and it was 21-0 before they took their foot off the gas. Just when we were having the "Oh, crap, they're gonna blow it" thoughts, they stomped on the Buckeyes before they could fully get off the mat. Impressive.
  • Gave the unbeaten teams a bump. We'll see if it was justified. Probably not.
  • Good luck figuring out the SEC.

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