Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Favre Makes Headlines With Dirty Hit

Brett Favre will be 40 years old during the upcoming NFL season. He claims to have a bad shoulder and a cracked rib.

So what the hell was he doing Monday night?

It made perfect sense to have Favre play into the third quarter. He needs the kind of practice that he can only get from game action. Practice time is nice, but it doesn't compare to "live bullets." Favre can't be hit in practice, and he can be hit during games. That's where he needs to get the work in and develop as much rhythm as possible.

However, what made no sense in that third quarter was having Favre lined up as a receiver in the Wildcat formation. Percy Harvin took the snap and ran to his left. Favre, who was lined up to the left, came back down the line and threw an insanely dirty block on Houston safety Eugene Wilson, diving right at Wilson's knees.

It's the kind of play that got Rodney Harrison that "NFL's dirtiest player" reputation he so much despised.

Of course, when Brett Favre does it, he's just playing hard.


Beyond the stupidity of this stunt, Favre played pretty well Monday night. He may have looked like Checkdown Charlie at times, but that's the nature of his job in this offense. If he gets that, and can keep himself off the turf (whether that is the result of him throwing stupid blocks or taking sacks and other hits in the pocket), he could have a huge season in Minnesota. If Favre starts throwing random deep balls into triple coverage and chucking flutterballs toward the sideline when the intended receiver is well-covered, Brad Childress is going to start pulling that dreadful beard out of his own face.

Favre should face a fine from the league, along with an attached note kindly asking him to leave the blocking to the blockers, or at least to those willing to do it legally.

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