Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Last year, I decided it was time. There were so many cupcakes being devoured by big-time football schools that I could no longer stand it.

Since nothing was done, and the problem is getting worse, I decided to once again insist that it's time for major change.

Too many BCS conference teams are taking the easy way out in scheduling. Instead of challenging their teams and entertaining their fans, they're scheduling home games with the goal of selling out the stadium and winning 59-0.

Last year, the numbers were staggering. 52 of 65 teams housed in BCS conferences (for reference, those are the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac Ten, and SEC) played at least one game against a foe from the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) in 2008.

This year, 49 teams are venturing into the challenging world of the FCS. Among the highlights is Texas Tech, who is opening the season September 5 against North Dakota, a team that was eligible for the Division II playoffs in 2007. Wonderful.

Mississippi leads the pack of teams playing two FCS opponents. They're both directional, too (Southeastern Louisiana and Northern Arizona)!

I'll reiterate my proposal from last year, though I'm willing to amend it, because although I don't think I went far enough, it does represent more than we'll ever see the big schools willing to do.
It's time to make a rule that bans teams from BCS bowl consideration if they schedule more than two I-AA opponents over a rolling six-year period.
Ideally, this would happen with no rolling period necessary. Play an FCS team, and you're not going to a BCS bowl.

However, contracts are sometimes broken at the last minute, and the only way to fill the schedule is to play a team from the lower division. I understand that.

At this point, I just hope someone does something. I just can't take this anymore. College football is wonderful, too wonderful to have people destroying it from within.

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