Monday, June 01, 2009


I'll freely admit being surprised by the early-season run of the Brewers. I expected them to be a playoff contender, but that was only because I figured they would get better in the second half of the season and make a run at some pitching at the trade deadline.

Instead, the Brewers have said "Screw it. Let's win now", and they're off to a great start. Milwaukee has set a franchise record by getting to 30 wins in only 50 games, and they won 18 games in May to create a great ticket deal for a series against Colorado later in June.

None of this, however, seems to impress Reds infielder Brandon Phillips.
“I feel we’re a better team than the Brewers,” he said. “We lost because they did the little things and we didn’t do the little things. They’re a good team but this should never have happened.”
I understand being mad about this past weekend. I even get being angry over a 1-4 start on the season against the Brewers. This, however, is just plain stupid talk.

The Reds aren't better than the Brewers. Not yet, at least. This is a good young club, and better days are definitely ahead.

But they have had five shots at the Brewers this season. In none of the five have they blown the Brewers out, and in none of the five did Milwaukee just luck their way to a win.

Phillips is understandably frustrated at the start to a huge road trip for his team. They had high expectations, and falling three-and-a-half games out of first was not how they scripted the first three games of the trip going.

Now, they have four straight in St. Louis to deal with, and the Cardinals are right there with Milwaukee in the division race.

Perhaps Phillips would be smarter to focus on what's ahead, instead of making dumb comments about a superior team that said superior team isn't going to just forget about.


Anonymous said...

Not only is he an idiot, he sucks. He wears his hat like an idiot. He thinks he is God's gift to baseball. Yes he can play good defense at times. When the game is on the line, he chokes. He drives me crazy as a Reds fan. He smiles so big and at what? He loves the camera too much for my comfort. Team first? Not with Brandon. He is a showboat who cant hit good pitching. Trade him

Anonymous said...

Oh he just got picked off first base by the Jason LaRue!! you suck

Anonymous said...

Apparently none of you know much about baseball. Brandon Phillips is a beast of a man. I am a TRUE Red's fan (hmmm mmmm first post)and not only is he the best 2nd baseman in the National league (maybe 2nd only to Utley.. but who likes the Phillies?lol) He also is the only power hitter any of you all has ever seen that is as small as he is. He hit 2 HR's against those very same Phillies last night. If your going to complain about his smile and the way he wears his hat I'm sure there is a nice homosexual baseball blog somewhere where you can discuss ball players appearances. B Phillips is the MAN period. No question. If he's not then why did he win the gold glove last year? hmmmm. Go REDS!!!!! Brewers are headed for a fall.. or WAIT!!! they already did.. look out for the cards.. brew crew is headed to the basement where they belong. Peace, Love and B Phillips.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing.. Trade him? I can't get over how stupid you can be. If you were a real Reds fan you would never suggest trading our best player. Lay off the Meds. Votto and Phillips should both be in the All Star game. At least Co Co is goin. Salt be on you. Phillips for President.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Phillips is a straight G and the coolest player in baseball. If you think he's bad then go hang yourself. The man is a beast on offense and defense.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Phillips is a straight bitch and the dumbest player in baseball. If you think he is good then go hang yourself. The man is a whiner, a dirty player, a hotdog and did I mention a little bitch?