Monday, October 06, 2014

UMD Hockey Listening Options 2014-15

Another UMD hockey season is upon us. Figured I'd let you know what your options are for listening to games this year, as we've added network affiliates (good news, eh?).

On the radio, UMD hockey can be heard on the following stations:
  • 94X in Duluth, which is 94.1 FM in the Twin Ports and 104.3 FM in the surrounding area (good signal to Cloquet and sometimes farther, also north to Two Harbors and Silver Bay and west to Floodwood).
  • KBAJ-FM 105.5 ("KQ 105.5") in Deer River/Grand Rapids. Strong signal, easily heard in Hibbing and Buhl to the east, and as far south as Aitkin and west as Bemidji on a good day.
  • KAOD-FM 106.7 ("KQ 106.7") in Babbitt/Ely. Gets west to the eastern boundary of KBAJ (Virginia or so). Can also be heard through much of Lake County and up into Canada.
  • KKIN-AM 930 ("Red Zone Sports Radio 930") in Aitkin. During our day games, like Friday against Minnesota, you can pick up this station all over the place, including west to Park Rapids, south to Little Falls, east into Wisconsin, and north to Hibbing and Virginia. At night, not as much, but should still easily cover Aitkin, McGregor, Crosby, Hill City, and maybe Brainerd/Nisswa.
  • WXCX-FM 105.7 ("SAM 105.7) in Siren/Pine City. Under ideal conditions, can be heard as far north as Moose Lake, east to Spooner and Cumberland in Wisconsin, and west as far as Mora.
  • WHSM-FM 101.1 in Hayward. Works into the eastern limits of WXCX's signal pretty easily, and extends our coverage out to the east to get us into Winter. The town, that is. Can also be heard north to Solon Springs, so if you're driving north and lose WHSM, you can pick up the game on 104.3 FM out of Duluth.
In addition to the radio options, you can stream all games online at Click "Listen Live" in the upper right of the home page. If you have a mobile device, you can download the Red Rock Radio app and listen online. The app works on MOST devices. Just download it and then tap the button to listen to 94X. The station streams 24/7, so you don't have to wait for around pregame start time to pick it up.

Hit me up on Twitter @bruceciskie with any questions you might have.


Mrs. DillaboughYoung said...

Do you know if the 106.7 extends to the western part of Canada, or just in Ontario? I am hoping to listen in from Saskatchewan. Excited for the game!

Bruce Ciskie said...

Wish I could help you there, but I'm certain you will need the online stream.

Mrs. DillaboughYoung said...

Thanks so much!