Monday, June 08, 2009


The Minnesota State High School League met Monday to go over some potential rules changes. One of the more interesting rules they have decided to inact puts severe limits on the ability of sports teams to travel for games or scrimmages.

The gist: No out-of-state travel (except to a bordering state) that covers more than 600 miles round-trip unless you ask the state league first.

John Millea of the Star Tribune, who is braving the boredom of these meetings, has more on the move.
The travel limit does include spring break trips. Families can still go anywhere they want, obviously, but school teams will not be allowed to travel (other than to states and provinces bordering Minnesota) unless it’s a round trip of no more than 600 miles from the school. Makes no difference if they’re only going to hold scrimmages.
Honestly, I'm not sure I like this one.

You're telling spring sports teams they can't go to Florida or California to pick up games, even if they pick up the costs themselves and don't miss any school time.

I understand the desire to avoid having a team from, say, Duluth, having to travel to Michigan to play a game, and missing school time to make it happen. That's fine with me, and I'd endorse such a change.

However, a blanket rule -- even with this strange "without approval from the MSHSL" caveat -- doesn't really accomplish much.

Not only that, but teams in northern states absolutely need to be able to travel to play games in the spring. Until softball and baseball can be reasonably played in mud and snow, this just a part of life. It's especially true once the Metrodome is (thankfully) blowed up.

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