Thursday, April 07, 2011

Frozen Four: Musical Interlude

ST. PAUL -- Our friends at the UMD Penalty Box message board have done this all season, and I feel it's fitting to steal it for this moment.

We all have those songs that we like to listen to before a big game. In my case, I have a rotation of close to 75 in my iPod that usually get the job done.

Since no one affiliated with Amsoil Arena has put the wonderful video that is played before introductions at UMD home games on YouTube yet (this is a not-so-subtle message, by the way, for someone to DO IT!), here is the song that you hear before every UMD home game.

This one is another favorite of the kids. Message is about the same in the end, though this one is potentially NSFW, depending on your W situation.

I ran into former Bulldog Mark Odnokon (1982-1986, 39 goals, 119 points) in the hotel lobby. He's excited. In talking with UMD coaches and staff, it's awesome how incredibly pumped our fans, longtime supporters, and alumni are.

All it does it make this moment even more exciting ... and even more of an honor to be part of. I can't put my own excitement into words, frankly.

I'll be back later with lineups and perhaps a couple pregame notes. Will do the same for the second game before faceoff, and will deliver some quotes and such from the postgame press conferences if I can.

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USAFA Bulldog said...

You'd know better than me since you're at more games, but I could have sworn that UMD used "Enter Sandman" by Metallica for when they come on the ice. Maybe that was just one or a couple of games?