Saturday, April 09, 2011

Frozen Four: The Building Blocks

ST. PAUL -- One of the extremely cool things about this experience in St. Paul has been the opportunity to talk to so many great former UMD men's hockey players, guys who have come together here with the current players and coaches and their families to celebrate a great moment for this long-proud program.

It came to mind that many of these players and coaches won't receive the proper accolades as we head into Saturday's NCAA final here in St. Paul. The majority of them flew under the radar during their careers, but it doesn't mean they have to now.

What follows is a list borrowed from the UMD athletics site, with help from this year's UMD media guide and my trusty young assistant, who read off names as I typed.

It's not meant to be a complete list, but instead a randomly selected group of names, chosen and listed alphabetically, regardless of their overall production in a UMD uniform. These are the people who each had a hand in building UMD's program. They are the building blocks without which we wouldn't have a team playing for the NCAA championship on this weekend in April.

As UMD supporters, we not only salute our current players and coaches and support staff, but we salute and thank all those who have worn this uniform with pride and dignity for the last 67 years.

Jerry Abelsen
Rod Aldoff
Colin Anderson
Nick Anderson
Rob Anderson
Greg Andrusak
Craig Arvidson
Mark Baron
Bobby Bell
Joe Biondi
Curtis Bois
Rob Bordson
Pat Boutette
Tyler Brosz
Ron Busniuk
Jerome Butler
Ernie Campe
Mark Carlson
Scott Carlston
Andrew Carroll
Matt Christensen
Keith Christiansen
Barry Chyzowski
Joe Ciccarello
Mitch Corbin
Dave Cowan
Mike Curry
Steve Czech
Gary DeGrio
Derek Derow
Curtis Doell
Ken Dzikowski
Lyn Ellingson
Chad Erickson
Brad Federenko
Jesse Fibiger
Dan Fishback
Rusty Fitzgerald
Jon Francisco
Pat Francisco
Cam Fryer
Jordan Fulton
Jason Garrison
Travis Gawryletz
Beau Geisler
Ryan Geris
Curt Giles
Guy Gosselin
Matt Greer
Bill Grillo
Mark Gunderson
Lyman Haakstad
Bill Halbrehder
Tim Hambly
Brett Hammond
John Harrington
Brett Hauer
Keith Hendrickson
Tom Herzig
Bob Hill
Phil Hoene
Ryan Homstol
Brett Hull
John Hyduke
Dale Jago
Pat Janostin
Brian Johnson
Jim Johnson
Josh Johnson
Monty Jones
Rodney Jones
Kevin Kaiser
Kraig Karakas
Scott Keller
Murray Keogan
Merv Kiryluik
Jim Knapp
Rick Kosti
Glenn Kulyk
Tom Kurvers
Bob Lakso
Dave Langevin
Brett Larson
Walt Ledingham
Dan Lempe
Junior Lessard
Laird Lidster
Norm Maciver
Chris Marinucci
Bill Mason
Bob Mason
Gord McDonald
Bruce McLeod
Judd Medak
Josh Meyers
Tom Milani
Kris Miller
Skeeter Moore
Jerome Mrazek
Rick Mrozik
Rob Murray
Darren Nauss
Tom Nelson
Chuck Ness
Mike Newton
Brant Nicklin
Matt Niskanen
Evan Oberg
Mark Odnokon
Bill Oleksuk
Bruce Olson
Drew Otten
Mark Pavelich
Mike Peluso
Marco Peluso
Bill Perkl
Derek Plante
Stu Plante
Shjon Podein
Shawn Pogreba
Mason Raymond
Isaac Reichmuth
Andy Reierson
Glenn "Chico" Resch
John Rohloff
Jay Rosehill
Ralph Romano
John Rothstein
Joe Rybar
John Santori
Kent Sauer
Evan Schwabe
Jeff Scissons
Mike Sertich
MacGregor Sharp
Sandy Smith
Todd Smith
Alex Stalock
Tim Stapleton
Luke Stauffacher
Joe Tamminen
Mike Tok
Jim Toninato
Sean Toomey
Doug Torrel
Steve Trachsel
Jesse Unklesbay
Dennis Vaske
Bill Watson
Max Wikman
Justin Williams
Marv Zilkie

This is just the start. Just a small sampling of the people who have built this program.

To all of you ... thank you.

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