Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ohio State President Clearly Unaware of Ohio State's Own Football Schedule

There are people out there aggravated by the current BCS standings.

Unfortunately, some of them aren't merely aggravated because the antiquated and virtually useless BCS still exists. Instead, they're upset at the teams that make up the top five.

It seems that some members of power conferences are suffering from increased levels of stress because Boise State and TCU dare to infiltrate the upper tier of the rankings week in and week out.

One of those in a tizzy about this is Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee, a man who clearly has bigger and more important things to worry about than college football.

"Well, I don't know enough about the Xs and Os of college football," said Gee, formerly the president at West Virginia, Colorado, Brown and Vanderbilt universities. "I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it's like murderer's row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.

"So I think until a university runs through that gauntlet that there's some reason to believe that they not be the best teams to [be] in the big ballgame."

He probably should have kept his damn mouth shut about the matter, rather than revealing his ignorance.

Apparently, Boise State plays the Little Sisters of the Poor, but yet Ohio State is better because they schedule behemoths like Youngstown State, Ohio, Akron, and UAB outside of Big Ten play. Evidently, Ohio State is better because they get to play juggernauts like Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, and Illinois in conference play. That tough competition makes the Buckeyes better, but playing Air Force, Utah, and BYU does nothing for TCU. And the Horned Frogs deserve ridicule for being in a league with the likes of Wyoming and New Mexico.

Like there aren't any crappy teams in the Big Ten. Hell, Minnesota couldn't even beat South Dakota, and the Coyotes went just 4-7, including an 18-point loss to something called Southern Utah.

You have to love the fear coming out of the power conferences these days. Last year, Boise State and TCU both snatched BCS bowl bids with unbeaten regular seasons, then they sold out the Fiesta Bowl and produced a great football game.

This year, one of the two stands a real chance of making the championship game, where they could get a shot at college football immortality. Meanwhile, the power conferences are stuck watching in horror as the mid-majors have started figuring out how to take their teams to the highest level of the sport.

The days of a team like Utah "getting let in the BCS" and proceeding to kick all sorts of ass on national television, then being content with the accomplishment, are over. They want more, and it's getting more and more difficult for the BCS power structure to argue they don't belong or don't deserve a shot.

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