Monday, November 22, 2010

Leslie Frazier Clearly Not in Charge

As you probably heard, Brad Childress was sacrificed by the Minnesota Vikings Monday.

I say "sacrificed," because if you think Brad Childress was the problem in Minnesota, you're drinking whatever Kool-Aid has been passed around this state like the common cold.

That's unfortunate, because it masks you from reality.

Look at the above graphic from Tell me what the guy in 32nd place has done that no one else on the list has done, outside of rookie Sam Bradford.

That's right ... he's gotten through the entire season without once being benched for performance.

At his introductory press conference, interim Vikings coach Leslie Frazier -- using strings being pulled by owner Zygi Wilf, a man who knows about as much about building a successful NFL organization as I do about building a mall -- made it clear with "no hesitation" that Brett Favre will remain his starting quarterback.

Apparently, Frazier doesn't believe in the other two quarterbacks on the roster, making one wonder three things:

1. What in the blue hell are Tarvaris Jackson and Joe Webb doing on the roster?
2. What have Childress and Rick Spielman been doing the last three years instead of finding and developing a franchise quarterback?
3. Who was the idiot that thought they should trade Sage Rosenfels?

Of course, I'm just obsessed with Favre, so I'm not allowed to point any of this out. Sorry for mentioning the inconvenient truth. Maybe he'll magically turn it around now that Darrell Bevell is calling plays without restriction from that idiot former head coach.

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Health and Wholeness said...

Omar Epps looks really old in person. I think he’s only a couple years older than me so that freaked me out a little. Could the Vikings convice Mauer to come back to football?