Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brett Favre Tells More Lies, Bus-Chucks Sidney Rice

Our boy, Brett Favre, is back at it.

This time, he brought back his old bus-chucking ways to go along with throwing some lies out about his playing status.

As you already know, we're all supposed to believe Brett is undecided about playing a second season for the Minnesota Vikings. Never mind that he hasn't even tried to retire yet this offseason, the 40-year-old went out of his way to have ankle surgery just in time to miss all of training camp again.

And we all know he didn't have ankle surgery so he could turn around and spend the fall hunting, riding his tractor, and occasionally golfing.

As training camp approaches, Favre again sees fit to lie to everyone. Instead of just admitting that he got the "OK" from the Vikings to skip training camp in Mankato, he's playing up his indecision.

"I still have a little bit of time," Favre said during a post-ESPYs interview.

"I'm still, believe it or not, not completely healthy, and I may never be."

Favre had ankle surgery earlier this offseason, a procedure that he called "relatively minor" but one he also reportedly needed in order to suit up for Minnesota this season.

Dr. James Andrews, who performed Favre's surgery, said in mid-June that Favre had "a few more weeks of rehabbing" to complete before he could take the field again.

"I'd hope it (the ankle) would be a little better at this point," Favre told ESPN. "I can walk on it, but you don't walk in football."

I've yet to understand the problem. Brett is a grown man who can do whatever he wants, especially if the Vikings are going to let him. The Vikings have made no public pronouncements to the contrary, so why would anyone think they're going to force him to show up at training camp if he really wants to play?

Instead, what's likely true is that the team has signed off on Favre skipping camp, but for some unknown reason, they insist on allowing Brett to play his divatastic "I can't make up my mind" game. Maybe it's part of the deal ... let Favre try to own the media for the offseason, and then welcome him back with open arms and alleged schisms.

He looks like a fool, and he doesn't even have his pants on the ground.

If you believe Brett is going to retire, you're crazy. He didn't have the surgery to better his everyday life. He did it so he could play football again. You shouldn't believe he could possibly retire until you're watching Week 1 games and he's not in any of them.

Even better: Favre did an interview with Men's Journal. In it, he sends wide receiver Sidney Rice under a moving bus over the now-famous interception Favre threw against the Saints in the NFC Championship Game.

“The previous week against the Cowboys, we did the same exact play to Rice,” Favre told (writer Stephen) Rodrick. "We were up about 25 at the time, so it was different. He came back to me on a broken play, and we got 20 yards. This time, when I let it go, I’m thinking he’s going to come back to me. As he drifted farther and farther away, I could see the corner come in from the other side, and I’m thinking, Oh, [shoot].”

“As a player you’ve got to pull the trigger,” Favre added. “You can’t say, Well, is he going to do what I think he’s going to do? He wasn’t wrong, and in some ways, I wasn’t either.”

Favre was criticized for taking a gamble at such a crucial time. Rodrick wrote: "Some say it’s the Football Gods settling the score for his yearly tease."

Responded Favre to the criticism: "They were the same people who said I’d suck all season. I don’t worry about that. A lot of plays go into a game; that was just one of them.”

It's one thing to blame your receiver when you call an audible and he runs the wrong route. Brett did that occasionally in Green Bay and with the Jets. Rarely did he pull off such an irrational explanation for such a stupid interception.

Favre thinks Rice should be a mind-reader 24/7. He blames Rice for not coming back to the ball on a play where Favre never should have been throwing in the first place. The Vikings were literally about five yards out of game-winning field goal range. I know Favre was busted up pretty good in that game, but it's not possible to argue he couldn't have run for 15 feet, fallen down awkwardly, and called a timeout to set up Ryan Longwell for a shot at the Super Bowl.

Rice wasn't wrong at all on that play, Brett. That was you. Own it and stop teaching these young guys how to be bad teammates in the media.

Especially if you're going to walk in that room and start singing the wrong lyrics to "Pants On The Ground" again.

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