Friday, May 15, 2009


Recently, speculation around the expansion of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association began to center around Nebraska-Omaha.

The Mavericks, after all, make geographic sense, have a huge arena to fill, and have a new athletic director looking to max out the potential of the school's only Division I program.

Longtime head coach Mike Kemp is said to be an opponent of such a move. Because of that, supporters of a 12-team WCHA got bad news this week when he stepped down as coach of the Mavericks. The bad part about it is that Kemp is taking over as associate athletic director under new A.D. Trev Alberts.
“Mike has made a choice of great humility and selflessness in order to benefit our hockey program,” said Alberts. “We need him here long term and in a role larger than coaching. He will figure prominently in the strengthening of our marquee program."

It's a curious move, but Kemp sounded upbeat in a statement.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to join Trev, Michele Roberts, Don Leahy and Connie Claussen as a cog in the management team,” said Kemp. “It’s important to me to continue to assist in the direction of hockey into the future.

“The UNO hockey program has been a huge part of my life and to continue to make decisions and plot the course of Maverick hockey is something I cherish.”
Perhaps Kemp will look at the issue and have a change of heart. Perhaps Alberts has already made up his mind what the school should do. It's also possible that the WCHA will have to look elsewhere for a 12th team.

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