Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If the Milwaukee Brewers were trying to kid anyone into believing their clubhouse dash Monday was nothing less than a jab at their opponents, they'll probably have to try harder.

Seems that St. Louis' esteemed and ever-so-classy media is on to the Brewers' games. If the reporters can pick up on such things, one has to assume that the World's Smartest Baseball Manager has it all figured out.

Since the Cardinals are so classy, we shouldn't have to worry about them, say, throwing baseballs at Milwaukee hitters at any point. Nah, they'd never do anything like that.

Derrick Goold has a blog entry on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website that offers us some insight into the Cardinals' thoughts on this latest "controversy".
The premeditated celebration began the moment Bill Hall’s 10th-inning single landed Monday and winning run Casey McGehee crossed home plate. Immediately the Milwaukee Brewers bolted for their clubhouse, turning, as Tom Haudricourt wrote at the Journal-Sentinel, a walk-off into a run-off and again stoking the discussion about those brash and bold Brewers and their post-win ways.

Untucking. Posing. Behind closed doors. Or otherwise.

A rivalry that has its roots in Milwaukee’s public awe and open emulation of the St. Louis Cardinals franchise a few years ago has turned decidedly spicy.
Yes, this all has come from the Brewers' awe of the Cardinals. In fact, sources close to the team have confirmed to me that when Mike Cameron started untucking his shirt after wins last season, he told his teammates it was because he wanted to be more like the Cardinals. Growing up, Milwaukee's top players all idolized Cardinal greats like Skip Schumacher, Stubby Clapp, David Eckstein, and the best control pitcher of all-time, Rick Ankiel.

Braden Looper wanted to be a Cardinal so badly that he signed with the Brewers in the off-season, mistakenly thinking he was signing with the Cardinals. Trevor Hoffman was so convinced he joined the Cardinals that he decided to be just like a St. Louis pitcher and spend a few weeks on the disabled list.

It's a sad, sad deal, this Brewers obsession with St. Louis. Hell, they went so far as to wear red caps for Monday's game.

Someone has to stop them. It won't be the Cardinals, as they seem too busy whining about the Brewers to actually beat them.


Jake said...

"A rivalry that has its roots in Milwaukee’s public awe and open emulation of the St. Louis Cardinals franchise a few years ago has turned decidedly spicy."

That's a pretty arrogant statement to make without any evidence to back it up. Normally I just pass stuff like this off as the "bad apples" that every fan base possesses, but for some reason people who claim the Cardinals as their own are turning out more and more of this lately.

SHOW said...

Great post, Bruce. The Cardinals and their fans have taken things way too far with their ridiculously high opinion of themselves. We don't hate them because of jealousy. We hate them because they are lame and self-important.

Anonymous said...

i get a strong feeling that they're fighting tonite. i hope the brewers score early and sends larussa over the edge.