Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There's no question the Milwaukee Brewers are a young, confident bunch of ballplayers. They've won a lot of fans over with their play in the last few years, and their current 20-5 tear has them atop the National League Central.

That said, it appears that their ritual of untucking jerseys after a victory has made them a few enemies, especially around the city of St. Louis, Missouri.
"Well, they've got a little flair about them that some people don't care for," said closer Ryan Franklin. "But that's just the way they are. So yeah, I think it would be more fun to beat them than it would be the Padres or something, just because of what they do after they beat you."

... "They are what they are," (pitcher Kyle) Lohse said. "That's how they choose to present themselves and play the game. A lot of people don't like it. We're not the only ones."
It's pretty clear that the Cardinals are more angry about not being able to beat these guys than anything else, but whatever. What's odd about all of this is watching the St. Louis media play the same song.

Read this article by Derrick Goold about Monday's 8-4 Brewers win that completed a three-game series sweep at Busch Stadium. In 600 words of pure slop, there are three separate occasions where Goold mentions the untucking.

I'm shocked Goold didn't promote the Untuckem website.


Are the Cardinals so uppity and self-absorbed that their players, personnel, fans, and even media can't understand anything they don't do themselves?

I mean, you don't see any Brewers media people asking publicly why the Cardinals insist on throwing baseballs at hitters they're incapable of getting out? It's simply none of their business how the Cardinals choose to handle opposing hitters.

It's not like the Brewers are showing anyone up when they untuck their shirts after a win. It's not like they are rubbing it in somebody's face. It's their way of celebrating a win and marking the end of a day's work.

Really, it's not much more than that. It's a team-first celebration by one of the closest groups you'll find anywhere in baseball. Leave it to a curmudgeon like Tony LaRussa to find fault and then sick his minions on everyone. Perhaps the Genius should worry more about his sparking 1-9 record in the last ten games against Milwaukee at Busch Stadium.

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Brian said...

I don't see the team that's 16 games behind in the NL Central un-tucking their shirts with confidence anymore. Especially when Matt Holliday takes them deep in the 9th to shatter any hope of maintaining respect. Karma's a bitch, Budweiser is the best, and the Brew Crew will never pull it off with Prince Fielder as the leader of their team.

Oh yeah, and there's a reason the "Genius" LaRussa is a "Genius".....because when it comes down to it, he is the best coach in the National League.