Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is not a misprint.

Normally, a game-winning play by the home team in their last at-bat is termed a "walk-off". After all, the team "walks off" the field because the game is immediately over.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a habit of pissing off the St. Louis Cardinals untucking their shirts after all victories, and walk-offs are no exception.

Until Monday.

It was a move obviously meant to stick it to St. Louis, a team that has been vocally critical of the Brewers for their untucking ways. Instead of celebrating on the field (you know, like everyone else), the Brewers hilariously ran into the clubhouse after Bill Hall's game-winning hit in the tenth inning Monday.
What was up with the disappearing act? Why did the Brewers not celebrate on the field as teams usually do?

"We came in here and celebrated," said Hall. "We got the big hit and everybody came in the clubhouse and celebrated in here. We were having fun with ourselves.

"This is all about the 25 guys in this locker room. We feel like we're a huge unit and all care about each other. We just wanted to celebrate and have fun with ourselves."
It's probably just a coincidence that they happened to be playing St. Louis, a team that has whined endlessly about the Brewers' antics, and they just happen to unveil a new way of celebrating a win that day.

Yeah, right.

The Brewers will take the high road on this one, talking about just being a team thing, but the intention is clear. St. Louis can't manage to keep their mouths shut about the untucking, as if it's some sort of a dig at their wonderfully classy organization that never does anything wrong and never shows anyone up by staring at home runs or arguing with umpires. The more they cry about it, the more fun it has to be for the Brewers to beat the Cardinals.

If the Cardinals want to keep whining, I'm sure Mike Cameron and his teammates will find something else to do. Personally, I can't wait to see what they come up with.

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