Friday, October 19, 2012

Game 4: UMD at Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- For the second straight weekend to start the season, it's UMD trying to pull off a sweep in Game 2 of a series.

Didn't go so well last time, and if you talk to UMD coach Scott Sandelin about it, he seems to think it was largely a self-inflicted defeat. Not mistakes so much, mind you, but just not a crisp performance, and certainly not play that was up to Friday's standards.

The Bulldogs played a smart, patient game to win here Thursday, and more of the same is likely going to be needed. UMD would be wise to avoid the kind of defensive zone time it was stuck in for much of the last 25 minutes of the series opener, because Notre Dame is too dangerous to have that kind of puck possession on a consistent basis.

(On a side note, I'm really happy we toured the campus Thursday, because it's been pouring most of Friday afternoon. I had a chance to hit the College Football Hall of Fame earlier in the day, but got back to the hotel before the first of the freak monsoons hit.)



Crandall (Justin) - Herbert - Seidel
Danberg - Hendrickson - Flaherty
Young - Camaranesi - Basaraba
DeLisle - Decowski - Krause

Bergman - Casto
Olson - Welinski
Smith - McManus

Crandall (Aaron) - Fons

Notre Dame
DiPauli - Tynan - Rust
Schneider - Lee - Wuthrich
Larson - Gerths - Nugent
Costello - Fogarty - Voran

Taker - Calabrese
Russo - Johns
Johnson (Eric) - Ryan

Summerhays - Rogers - Johnson (Mike)

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