Monday, October 01, 2012

BlogPoll: Week 5 Ballot

After some crazy games and very little defense, here is this week's ballot:

I've got opinions. Here are some:
  • I would have been amenable to bringing West Virginia higher in this vote, but I don't trust a team whose defense gives up nine touchdowns in a home game. That said, Geno Smith might have won the Heisman Trophy on Saturday. That was freaking incredible.
  • LSU and Georgia were not impressive on Saturday. LSU struggled with a weak FCS opponent in Towson, while Georgia allowed way too many points in a home win over Tennessee. I'm not totally sold on Oregon, either. The Ducks are not good on defense.
  • Congrats, Northwestern.
  • Louisville and USM played in a lake on Saturday. No matter for the Cardinals, as they win to stay unbeaten.

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