Monday, October 22, 2012

BlogPoll Ballot: October 22

Here is this week's ballot:

Movement aplenty, it seems. I think it's justified.
  • I hope there's room on the K-State bandwagon. Watching them tear apart West Virginia was damn impressive. The fact Oregon and Florida sit behind KSU is not a shot at either of them. The Wildcats were that good this past week, and deserve this bump.
  • Florida looked good in beating up South Carolina, too. The Gators are obviously a serious threat.
  • Cue the "Alabama vs. Florida in the SEC Championship" and the "That's The Real National Title Game" hype. Meanwhile, Oregon and Kansas State just lie in the weeds.
  • Louisville and Rutgers are still unbeaten. No, I don't think it matters in the big picture, unfortunately.
  • Notre Dame did not impress against a BYU team I don't think is terrible, but also shouldn't be able to stay this close in South Bend.
  • I hate to rate Wisconsin this high, but I really like what I've been seeing.

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