Friday, January 28, 2011

Let's Just Use the Homeless to Get Ratings, Instead of Actually Helping Them

You probably all know me well enough by now. If there is going to be a non-sports rant on this blog, there's a pretty good chance it will spawn off a Daily Show or Colbert Report bit.

Jon Stewart, take it away.

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Words cannot describe this.

I mean, what kind of news director decides to do a story like this? Why?

Frankly, it's something I'd expect to see in a small market, where a news director and reporter at least have the excuse of "I'm trying to make a name for myself in a tough business."

This is freaking Indianapolis. Not a small market in any way.

It's every bit as exploitative and stupid as you think it is. Not only that, but it manages to confirm most stereotypes you hear about today's news media.

Yeah, we have freedom of the press in this country. That doesn't mean the press has a right to do stories like this, instead of chasing real news that actually matters to people.

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