Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Favre Heading to Minnesota

NFL Network's Scott Hanson is reporting that quarterback Brett Favre is heading to Minnesota.

Brett Favre is on a plane heading north, a source told NFL Network's Scott Hanson. Could it be bringing Favre back to Minnesota?

The news came just hours after The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that three of Favre's closest friends on the Vikings -- defensive end Jared Allen, guard Steve Hutchinson and kicker Ryan Longwell -- reportedly have traveled to Hattiesburg, Miss., to try to convince the quarterback to return for a 20th NFL season.

On April 5, I told you this would happen.

... look for Favre to fly from Mississippi to Minnesota around the same time in August that he did last year, and look for the fan response to be extremely similar.

I rarely play the "I told you so" card, but I'm playing it here.

Not that this is any achievement. The only chance you have of being surprised by this is if you have been living under a rock for the last three years.

If you're no longer living under that rock, though, let me know. I might be looking to move the family there. Seems a safer and happier place to live.


Anonymous said...

You Rock Bruce.....and so does every other sports writer....they are all saying "I told you so"

Cheryl Brismeyer said...

I don’t see why the two reports have to mutually exclusive…it’s entirely plausible that he texted teammates wanting the very groveling he ended up receiving and like Glazers report said, changed his mind like the team was hoping. America wins today. Love him or hate him, you watch.

Goon said...

Good call Bruce, you were right.