Monday, August 23, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Preseason Ballot

Life is good, because college football is coming!

The season opens Sept. 2, and I've again been invited to take part in the BlogPoll, a conglomerate of football bloggers from around the country that will vote every week on a top 25, and we will invite your input along the way.

My preseason ballot has been submitted, and I am no soliciting feedback on my votes. Please send along any thoughts you have in the comments section, and I will consider any and all responses before the final ballot is due Wednesday.

1 comment:

vizoroo said...

Word in the West is that Cal could be the sleeper in the PAC 10.

Boise State deserves recognition, but with their cupcake schedule, a loss would be disasterous. Think you may have them a little high.