Saturday, January 02, 2010

Game 19: UMD vs. Mercyhurst

BURLINGTON, VT. -- The Catamount Cup is set to start, as UMD battles Mercyhurst in under an hour. The Bulldogs are (almost) fully healthy (get well, Trent Palm!), and it should be interesting to see how these teams come out after a long layoff.



Connolly (Mike) - Connolly (Jack) - Fontaine
Bordson - Oleksuk - Seidel
Fulton - Akins - Schmidt
Danberg - DeLisle - Flaherty

Olsen - Montgomery
Bergman - Lamb
Kishel - Huttel

Reiter - Hjelle

Graham - Risi - Collins
Gurtler - Pitt - Chiasson
Coccimiglio - Blakey - Elliott
Echternach - Bremner - Vandenbeld

Noble - Eddy
Terminisi - Fennell
Goebel - Carkin

Zapolski - Strang


Anonymous said...

B2TV broadcast was about 30 seconds behind the Fan1490 broadcast. Any advice on a solution to that. Also you wrote that B2TV would air Fan1490 voice over. It did not.

Bruce Ciskie said...

1. Can't help you on that. B2 and our broadcast are different entities. The only way they can be synchronized is if they take a direct feed of our audio.

2. I was told they would be taking our feed. They did not. Sorry about the misunderstanding, but it was certainly not my intent to mislead anyone.

Anonymous said...

No problem Bruce. I appreciate your being out ther for hte broadcast! If B2TV decides to use your feed for the championship game, let us know.

DC said...

Anonymous, you can turn down the volume on the B2 broadcast and turn on the Fan like I do. It's not perfect but nothing beats the hometown call.