Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fall of American Society, Part 1,638

When things like this happen, all you can do is shake your head.

Well, you could also volunteer to help your local Little League out, so people like this don't end up coaching a team, but you're still going to shake your head initially.

This story comes out of Seattle, where the coach of a Little League baseball team apparently taught his kids more than just how to steal second base.

George Spady, Jr. ... was driving with his 12-year-old son, a nephew and another player on his team when he stopped outside of a vacant shop.

According to one of the boys, Spady's son crawled through a vent on the back side of the store and unlocked the door for his father. Spady, his son and nephew then went inside and came out holding light fixtures and bolts.

Spady then allegedly yelled at the boy to go in and get more loot. Apparently thinking time was short because of a truck that had just driven by the scene.

The kid accomplice eventually told his stepfather what had happened. And the dad, not being too keen on his son learning the black arts of breaking and entering from a role model, then told the cops.

Spady issued a guilty plea to a burglary charge and picked up a 15-day jail sentence for his handiwork.

Give the kid who ratted this plot out plenty of credit. It takes courage for a young kid to tell on a role model for anything, no matter how wrong a kid may know it is.

This qualifies as a sign of our demise for a couple different reasons. For starters, this jackbag knowingly involved kids in a plot to commit a crime. Oh, and somehow he only qualified for 15 days in jail.

Nice job, court system.

Stay classy, George Spady, Jr.

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