Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre to Vikings ... For Real ... Maybe

So whaddaya think, Packer fans?


Timothy said...

I love the #4 DOUCHE JERSEY! Favre's a complete hack! What a JOKE! I hope the Packers totally kick the Vikes ass this season, stick it to the biggest DOUCHE of them all!

Goon said...

I have always told people that Favre would make an awesome viking, I guess we get to find out now.

David said...

whatever. thanks for 16 years, thanks for the super bowl, thanks for the excitement of "the ride". the 90s were incredible, i loved every second (except for that time i blacked out in January of '98, don't remember any of it).

so, he's a viking now. i will never understand how grown men can wear purple. i've always hated the vikings more than the bears and watching brett in that uniform will only add to that.

at the end of the day, i still don't think he has anything left. i think this move will backfire and favre will leave another coach in his wake. i can't wait till he overthrows berrian right into the waiting arms of nick collins.

we made the right choice. thanks ted!

go pack go