Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BlogPoll: Preseason Ballot (Draft)

Brian Cook of the wonderful MGoBlog is again doing his wildly successful BlogPoll over at this season.

We're proud to take part once again.

Here is the preseason ballot, which is due Monday. I'll be in Green Bay starting Thursday, but will update the ballot based on arguments made in this space. Please participate in the discussion.

1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Oklahoma State
5 California
6 Mississippi
7 Penn State
8 Oklahoma
9 Alabama
10 Brigham Young
11 LSU
12 Virginia Tech
13 Utah
14 Georgia
15 Kansas
16 Ohio State
17 Oregon
18 TCU
19 Boise State
20 Nebraska
21 Iowa
22 Pittsburgh
23 Florida State
24 Michigan
25 Southern Miss

A few quick thoughts:
  • It's a preseason ballot, so not much time was put into dividing up the last ten or so teams. It's very fluid and open to discussion.
  • Florida is the consensus No. 1, and they're in that spot for a reason. It's going to take a lot to convince most voters they don't belong.
  • Texas is the pick right now to go unbeaten and meet Florida. That's a tough call, however, as Texas plays in the Big 12 South, and they're not facing a cakewalk schedule by any means.
  • BYU is the top-rated non-BCS team, at No. 10. This looks like a very strong BYU squad, one that can threaten the BCS if they are able to beat Oklahoma Sept. 5.
Again, the final ballot comes due on Monday, so any changes will be made and posted by then.

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M said...

Ohio State number 16? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?